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Franspeed is a range of exhaust originally designed for Lambretta scooters and have just recently also moved into the Vespa market.

With over 40 years of racing and riding experience Andy Francis Scooters teamed up with Jim Lomas (top exhaust manufacture) to produced Franspeed Lambretta Exhausts.

The concept behind Franspeed was to take an already good exhaust Produced by JL and develop it in to a road safe racing performance exhaust.

In March 2011 Scootering magazine tested our Franspeed Racer against other top Scooter Exhaust manufacturers, which showed that under test environment the Franspeed racer came out top for performance.


Development is always on-going trying to improve performance, build quality and design to maintain Franspeed stays up there with the pedigree of top exhaust.

Part of our development includes taking our Franspeed demonstrator TS1 and a PX200 scooters annually over to the factory in Lnare in the Czech Republic, where we test on a rolling road its durability and maximum output and push the exhaust  systems to the max.


In 2012 we added a design aspect to Franspeed with introducing different designs of tail pipes which makes your tail can into more of an accessory for your scooter.

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