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TS1 Kit


Detailed on this page are the parts and extras that we offer around the fantastic TS1 kit.


For details of our pre built TS1 engines then please see the Engine Builds page.


Some 6000 TS1 kits have been sold to date. The kit is relatively cheap, but costs can soar with all extras that can go with it.


We try to keep the costs down & supply an engine that gives you reliability & performance.


You can choose the specification you require using alternative parts at an extra cost.

british vespa

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TS1 Parts and extras


TS1 225 Kit - TS1 Barrel

TS1 Piston (Asso) A /B/C Grade

70mm Head

Reworked and skimmed head

Reinforced cylinder cowl

TMX 35 carb + rubber

AF crank

AF forged piston

AF lightened flywheel

Cyclone 5 speed gear box

TS1 Gasket set full engine

TS1 Barrel only

LTH inlet manifold

Inlet manifold STD

Inlet manifold 5mm pack plate

Inlet manifold rubber (AF)

Inlet manifold rubber (MB)

30 or 32mm inlet manifold rubber

Standard reed petals

Carbon fibre reed petals

Copper exhaust gaskets

Reed value assembly

225 Ring set

225 Gudgeon pin

Inlet Gaskets pair

Longer exhaust studs pair

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